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Alpaca Sales: Huacayas or Suris

Alpacas for Sale - Huacayas

Alpacas in Indiana - Huacaya Females


Type: Huacaya Female
DOB: 8/7/2008
ARI: 31427586
Color: Dark Brown
Sire: Strider, Medium Brown (see our stud page)
Dam: Liberty's Pepper, Medium Silver Gray
Price: 2000

This lovely girl is now bred and ready to deliver in April 2011. With her great confirmation and her fine, soft fleece, we hope for a really beautiful cria. She is very special girl with grey in her heritage that keeps trying to peek out in her fleece. This is a fantastic price for an expecting mother and cria, but this price will jump as soon as the cria arrives! She would not be at this price but we have too many animals and need to make room for the new babies coming yet in 2011. The service sire has fathered several beautiful babies with nice crimp and dense fleece. This 2 for 1 price will NOT last!

Lacey's dam, MSG Liberty's Pepper

Liberty's Pepper

Type: Huacaya Female
DOB: 5/12/2002
ARI: 836016
Color: Medium Silver Grey
Sire: 6PERUVIAN GARCIA 5022 IMPR 98, Light Fawn
Dam: KRP LIBERTY, Dark Fawn
Price: 2500

Pepper is a mature breeding female with striking color and great confirmation. She has dense, thick fleece and is an awesome mother. She always has plenty of milk for her crias & is an attentive mother. She has Peruvian bloodlines from her heritage on both her father's & mother's side. She has always given us lovely crias which are healthy & show her excellent fleece and confirmation reproduced in her crias.

She would be a wonderful addition to your herd or a fine starting animal.
She is an exceptional, easy to breed dam.


Type: Huacaya Female
DOB: 5/28/2011
Color: Light Rose Grey
Sire: Strider, Medium Brown (see our stud page)
Dam: Liberty's Pepper, Medium Silver Gray
Price: 2500



Type: Huacaya Female
DOB: 8/17/2009
ARI: 31735735
Color: Bay Black
Price: 1500


Type: Huacaya Female
DOB: 10/29/2009
ARI: 31486637
Color: Medium Rose Grey
Sire: TCB's SMOKEY JOE, Medium Rose Grey
Dam: TRAF Bonnie Jeanne, Medium Rose Grey
Price: 1000

Medium Rose Grey from two Medium Rose Grey parents. Her dam, Bonnie Jeanne, is a beautiful rose grey female w/great bone and fleece.


Type: Huacaya Female
DOB: 4/14/2009
ARI: 31907323
Color: Medium Silver Grey
Sire: MY PERUVIAN FIRE AN ICE, Medium Silver Grey
Price: 5000

Awesome Cute! Super confirmation. Lovely shades of grey fleece with maximum density. Her mother is great with lots of milk & is very attentive to her baby! With her mother being a lovely rose grey, this cria - with the right breeding - could throw a rose grey baby. She has now won ribbons for us and we are ready to start her breeding career. Her father is Peruvian Fire-N-Ice, who has exceptional grey genetics. This little girl has exceptional coverage and a classic head just like both her father and mother. She has coverage down to her toes and is very comfortable with our recent very cold weather. We enjoy the most her lovely friendly personality. Start here with your first fantastic grey female! Grab her at this price before we send her for breeding becaue her price will change when a breeding is confirmed.


Type: Huacaya Female
DOB: 9/25/2009
ARI: 31950299
Color: Dark Rose Grey
Sire: Dexter's Peruvian Kahlua & Cream, Medium Brown
Dam: Liberty's Pepper, Medium Silver Gray
Price: 500

GREY HERITAGE. ZEVA is very active, curious and has soft, soft fleece! Her color is unusual! She looks reddish brown, but has grey underneath. She definitely has grey in her heritage! She is now ready to start showing or breeding. Her mother is shades of grey & her sire is a reddish brown. We are currently considering the best mate for her and are looking at a grey male to try to increase the chances of a grey cria! Her mother has given us girls so we hope Zeva will too! This is your chance to add grey genetics to your herd or start your herd with a great animal at a very small investment price. Zeva has nice confirmation just like both her mother & sire. All three have strong bones and proud carriage. Her little face makes you want to take lots of pictures. Get her now before she is bred because the price is certain to go up when the breeding is confirmed!

Alpacas in Indiana - Huacaya Males

Dupionis Vintage Kalahri

Type: Huacaya Male
DOB: 9/15/2005
ARI: 1373738
Color: White
Sire: Lilly's Accoyo Dupioni, Light Fawn
Dam: Maple Brook Tyra, Light Fawn
Price: 1500

Full Peruvian. Fantastic white with lots of crimp. Sire to lovely crias. Solid confirmation. Easy to work with when breeding. Knows his job and does it WELL! Is gentle with females and does not pull you to rush and jump around open females. Gives first time females a good first time breeding so they have a great first experience. Good at his job and breeds colored crias depending on the heritage of the females bred. Only too many males and limited space has us putting him as a sale animal.

His dam, Tyra, is the product of the Maple Brook Farm breeding program. She is 1/2 Accoyo, a daughter of Accoyo Felix.

His sire, Dupioni, is a very uniform light fawn herdsire with very, very dense and beautifully bundled, bright fleece.


Type: Huacaya Male
DOB: 5/21/2011
ARI: Unregistered
Color: Medium Fawn
Sire: ESCAMILLO, Medium Fawn
Dam: FOSSE, Dark Brown
Price: Make an offer

Alpaca Sales: Huacayas or Suris

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